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White Move Into The Light Logo

Mind. Body. Hope.

Move into Light is an initiative created by Brevard Prevention Coalition. Its goal is to bring together the community in engaging ways to challenge the stigma surrounding Mental Health, Substance Misuse, and Addiction while also connecting the community to available resources.

For urgent medical assistance, dial 911. For the suicide helpline dial 988 or if you are experiencing an emotional crisis call 866-342-6892 for support.

What We Do

Community Resources

Brevard Prevention Coalition works with community service providers to connect those in need with resources they may be unaware of.


Our goal is the bring change to the community. One of the ways we do this is through engaging community events that challenge stigma, educate and connect the community to help.


Breaking stigma means being open to looking at things in a new way. We want to educate our community and let them know it’s okay to talk about our Mental Health. Be a part of the change, and follow our social media.

Recent Events

Smile From Within

SMILE from Within was a FREE outdoor event that combined youth athletics, community resources, and performing arts to highlight the importance of a healthy mind and body for everyone in our community.

The event reduced stigmas surrounding mental health and addiction in the community. Smile from Within was a collaboration with The Hassell Foundation, whose mission is to educate, empower, and support families and communities to understand better how to care for the mental health of our youth.

Does our mission align with your organization’s ethos? We need your support to continue improving our community. Fill in the form below to become a Move Into Light Sponsor!

How You Can Help?

You can help us in our quest to Move Into Light in countless ways. Just a few dollars on a regular basis help us bring a steady stream of hope to the community. Host a Fundraiser and help others see the importance of this message. And we always need volunteers who can donate their time and skills to further our cause.