Community Event

Move Into Light is an outdoor event with food, entertainment, prizes, giveaways and information on community resources. It gets the community back into daylight and fresh air, but also toward the light of awareness and access to critical resources.

About The Event

Support Under-Resourced Communities

Funds raised through sponsorships will help Brevard Prevention Coalition bring resources into the community focused on: access to addiction recovery and mental health services, occupational and arts-based programs for youths, as well as better knowledge of and access to available healthcare.


Event Itinerary

Food & Vendors

Purchase a bite to eat from a local food truck while you visit our vendor tables and learn about the local resources and organizations working to help others in your area.

Featured Speaker

Darryll Stinson will speak about his story of battling depression, attempting suicide, and how he was able to turn it all around.

Motivational Edge

Listen to a musical performance by The Motivational Edge and see how they have been empowering thousands of at-risk and under-resourced youths with remarkable success.

Activities with Parrish Healthcare

Activity champions from Parrish Healthcare will lead activities and sports around the event, encouraging guests to show their support for a healthy and resilient community.

Our Speaker

Listen, Learn, and Grow

"I believe we all have a purpose that is just as unique as our fingerprint, and that when we discover our highest purpose and live it out, we make a greater impact in the lives of those we are called to serve, and that is how the world becomes a better place."

Darryll Stinson

Entrepreneur. Pastor. Speaker.
Suicide Survivor.