Brevard Prevention Coalition works to promote positive lifestyle choices for our youth. But drug, alcohol, and substance misuse is a monumental issue that can’t be solved overnight, and we can’t do it alone. We need the help of individuals, families, communities, and other like-minded organizations to accomplish our vision for a strong, healthier Brevard. We value our volunteers immensely and sincerely appreciate their time, commitment, and dedication. Without volunteer support we would not be able to accomplish our vitally important and life-changing work.

Our organization owes everything to the efforts and commitment of our volunteers, and we want to serve the local community to the absolute best of our capabilities. Volunteers may assist us in formal and informal events. Our positions vary greatly, from helping pack much-needed school supplies to chaperoning.

For questions and comments regarding volunteering opportunities, please contact us at, 321-426-1644, or email Brevard Prevention Coalition at

Volunteering Information

Our mission leads us to help places and people in dire need of rescue from drug and substance abuse. As such, we need to ensure that all potential volunteers understand the importance of what we do and the delicate nature of the situations we work to change for the better.

Due to our tendency to teach during school functions and interact with youth, we require all potential volunteers to undergo background screening. The background screening does come at an expense, and may take time to be adequately confirmed.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Brevard Prevention Coalition, consider filling out our volunteer interest form. Availability isn’t always guaranteed, but we will always keep you in mind through our volunteer database. To register as a potential volunteer, please fill in the form below.

Career Opportunities

Brevard Prevention Coalition is always on the lookout for those with a passion for taking on the epidemic of drug and substance misuse that threatens our current generation. Our team works hard and gives it their all to provide substance misuse prevention strategies and materials, educational sessions, and outreach campaigns to the youth in our local communities.

Our organization differs from most non-profits in that we aren’t just a single entity operating alone; we are a coalition. We work not just towards our personal mission but bringing other like-minded organizations together within Brevard County. We collaborate with other non-profits, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, government agencies, and businesses looking to make a positive change.

We welcome anyone to participate in our collective efforts to promote positive life choices for the youth and families in need. If you’re considering joining the team at Brevard Prevention Coalition, call 321-426-1644, or email us at


In addition to joining us directly, we offer internships and opportunities for those looking into our line of work. Our goal to build a healthier, happier Brevard may not be completed in a day, but every step in our journey matters. We value and appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their lives to serve the community alongside us.

Drug, alcohol, and substance misuse is a heavy topic, and the effects of these issues run deep. Our organization focuses on the root causes and prevention of the core problems rather than immediate aid. Through our events, programs, and educational sessions, we aim to show a positive example others can follow and live by, inspiring their peers to do the same.

If you have a heart for our mission or are looking for more information about our internship opportunities, please call us at 321-426-1644 or reach out at